Host Program

2 csa boxesInformation Regarding CSA Hosting Program

The minimum order requirement (MOR) for setting up a host site is 6 paid subscriptions. A free box is given to the host or the host site whenever 10 paid boxes are delivered.  A $10.00 online credit used to purchase any item from our store is added to the host account whenever a new subscriber signs up.

Host Responsibilities:
  1. Keep the MOR by promoting the program throughout the current cycle (very important as there is a high turnover rate).
  2. Secure a cool, convenient location for box pick up.
  3. Provide clipboard and pen for the checklist.
  4. Someone should be present for the first delivery to receive the driver and show him where to place the boxes and checklist along with any add-on items. After that you do not need to be present.
  5. At the end of the day, contact anyone who has not picked up their box.
  6. Any unclaimed boxes can be held until the next morning. If still unclaimed, then the box should be donated to someone so it does not go to waste.
  7. Relay any communications to the CSA director at 760-453-4144 or
  8. Store the empty totes and make them available to the driver on the next scheduled delivery day.
  9. Scan and email sign in sheets only if notes are left by a subscriber or you notice that someone is not returning boxes. Otherwise, you can toss them at the end of the day.


  • With new sites, we do not offer the Trial subscriptions so your group must start with a minimum of 4 boxes delivered bi-weekly.


Procedures to Get Started:
  1.  A template email will be sent to you. This email will introduce prospective members to the CSA and explain how to join. You can use it to send to all interested parties.
  2. Brochures will be made available for you to distribute.
  3. If you host a ‘CSA’ demo party, we will provide two free CSA boxes, a regular and a small size, that can be picked up a drop site nearest you. You can prepare some of the veggies, make a salad and have everyone snack on fruit. Our website is a good informational tool when introducing the CSA.
  4. People begin to sign up. Every time a new person joins your group, an email notification will be sent to you. Once the MOR is met, the site will open and deliveries will begin.


If you would like to proceed, contact JoanE to apply as a host.

31030 Rodriguez Rd., Escondido CA  92026 |CSA Only:   760-453-4144 |
For all other farm matters either postal mail your request or visit one of our market stands