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The Rodriguez Ranch started in the 1950’s.  It was originally 55 acres of wild scrub brush cleared by hand and with mule teams.  It started as a conventional tomato and squash farm but went through several transitions over the years. At one time, the Rodriguez Ranch was a domestic supplier and international exporter of culinary herbs.  Following several illnesses caused by exposure to agricultural chemicals, Joe, Jr., decided to try the organic method of farming.  Then in 1986, after much success growing crops organically, Joe obtained his CCOF certification and J R Organics was formed.  The growing practices used include the finest fertilizers, compost, beneficial insects and proper soil management.  You are assured the produce grown at J R Organics is richer in vitamins, minerals and flavor than most vegetables, herbs and fruits you could obtain anywhere else.

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We grow a wide variety of organic crops from arugula to zucchini.

One of our market stands

The farm is located on the beautiful, rolling hills of North County San Diego.

Meet Joe Rodriguez, Jr., owner and farmer.  After several illnesses, due to agricultural chemicals, Joe decided to go organic in 1986.

Joe Rodriguez, Jr., Founder and Farmer of J R Organics

The Rodriguez family farm began in the 1950’s with Joe Rodriguez, Sr, and his loving wife Christina.  Together, with Joe Jr., the family has over 100 years of farming experience and today work hard to bring you the highest quality organic produce.

Joe Sr., and Wife Christina

In 2007, J R Organics launched its’ CSA program with JoanE Marrero as manager and director.

JoanE, CSA Manager & Director

J R Organics also specializes in heirlooms, not only tomatoes but other crops such as red carrots and lemon cucumbers.

Lemon Cucumbers

Contact Information:

Phone for CSA only: 760-453-4144
For all other farm matters either postal mail your request or visit one of our market stands
Email: jemarrero@jrorganicsfarm.com
Website: www.jrorganicsfarm.com

Please contact the CSA office for CSA related matters only, otherwise, they will not be able to assist you.  For any and all non-CSA issues, either postal mail your request or visit one of our market stands This is the only.

Mailing Address:  31030 Rodriguez Road | Escondido, CA 92026